37+ Free Retro Set Design Wallpapers

Previously, we had showcased different types of retro brushes and several type of wallpapers themed in different concepts. Today, we give you another set of designs that you can download for free… These are retro wallpapers. Now, retro may be outdated-that is, literally- designers, nevertheless, are still creating images and designs inspired by this concept. It’s quite amazing how many various designs one can make in a single concept, as proven by the collection below.
Here is Free Retro Set Design Wallpapers just for you. Browse through this collection and do not hesitate to download whichever you like. The collection is from several talented designers in the web who wanted shared their artwork to the rest of the design community… So enjoy and have fun!


Free  Retro Wallpapers

Free Typographics 2010 Wallpapers

A week ago, the whole world celebrated the coming of a new year… Naldz Graphics celebrates this wondrous event together with the design community and welcomes a new beginning with full of surprises to our readers. 2009 was a wonderful year for us and we too, are expecting an enjoyable year for 2010 with more gifts in store. Previously, we have posted astonishing wallpapers that you can download for free. Today, we bring you another list of Free Wallpapers that you can use for your desktop.
Here is a Collection of Free Fabulous 2010 Wallpapers that you can use. Feel free to download these amazing work of art and give your desktop a new look.


Free 2010 Wallpapers

37+ Free Heart Themes Wallpapers for Love

Love is once again in the air. The month of the heart has finally arrived and we can’t help but feel the essence of the season. Of course, Naldz Graphics doesn’t want to be left behind with the latest events, and neither should you. We bring you 37+ Free Heart Themes Wallpapers for Love for our Annual Heart’s Day. Check out these amazing collections we have prepared for you!!!!
This collection is composed of several astonishing wallpapers searched thoroughly throughout the web. The collection is, as usual, downloadable for free… Take a look at the list we have compiled and do not hesitate to grab your favorites among these collections. The images are all unique so you may have to download several of these to customize your desktop and be in with the love season… Enjoy!!!

Valentines Day Wallpaper 2

Free Valentine Wallpapers

Amazing of Planet and Spaces Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Today, we bring you another post themed on planets- planet wallpapers… You may have a dozen or more wallpapers on hand, however, there is never too many wallpapers… Gather wallpapers to your heart’s content and check the latest creation there is. undeniably, here is another set that you can add to your collection!
Amazing of Planet Wallpapers for Your Desktop are given below just for you… Enjoy browsing through this collection and download one for your desktop. change your wallpapers depending on your mood and be inspired just the same. Below is a collection you’ll never want to miss.. Check them out…

Planet Desktop Wallpaper

Free Planet Wallpapers

38+ Amazing nature Images Wallpapers

These wallpapers are mostly themed around amazing nature images that will surely take your breath away. The wallpapers are created for dual screens users with astonishing effects…
So, take a glimpse at these 40 Free Dual Screen Nature Wallpapers and you may be enticed to download one or two of these cool wallpapers… Be sure to check all the items and download as many as you like… have fun!!!

Victoria Falls

victoria falls dual wallpaper
Download Source

Mountain Dual Monitor

mountain dual monitor
Download Source

Moment of Silence

moment of silence dual wallpaper
Download Source

Mountains Dual Monitor

mountains dual wallpaper
Download Source

Raindrops on Leaf

raindrops of leaf dual monitor
Download Source


river dual monitor
Download Source

Maroon Bell

maroon bell dual wallpaper
Download Source

Dual Screen Yellow Trees

yellow tress dual wallpaper
Download Source

Dual Screen Wonderest Mountain

wonderest mountain dual wallpaper
Download Source

I A S Pond

pond dual wallpaper
Download Source

Insect Fingers

insect fingers dual wallpaper
Download Source

Grassy Wallpaper

grass dual wallpaper
Download Source

Dual Screen Moss on Tree Trunks

tree trunks dual wallpaper
Download Source

Golfing The Day Away

Orb Of Water

orb of water dual wallpaper
Download Source


sandals dual wallpaper
Download Source

Dual Monitor Wallpaper

dual monitor wallpaper
Download Source

Glacier National Park Wallpaper

glacier national park wallpaper
Download Source


leaves dual wallpaper
Download Source

Ladybug Hdr

lady bug dual wallpaper
Download Source

Melancholic Rodeo

melancholic dual wallpaper
Download Source

Reflected Beauty

reflected dual wallpaper
Download Source

Oirase Gorge

gorge dual wallpaper
Download Source


resurgence dual wallpaper
Download Source

Sebastopol Lagoon

lagoon dual wallpaper
Download Source

Rabacal 25 Waterfalls

waterfalls dual wallpaper
Download Source


bridge dual wallpaper
Download Source

Old Stone

old stone dual wallpaper
Download Source

Autumn Mill

autumn dual wallpaper
Download Source

Camp Meeker Waterfall

camp dual wallpaper
Download Source

Tree Of Life

tree of life dual wallpaper
Download Source

Spring Nature

spring nature dual wallpaper
Download Source

Orange Days

orange day dual wallpaper
Download Source

Stand Alone

stand alone dual wallpaper
Download Source

Deep Silence

deep silence dual wallpaper
Download Source

Otuataua Stonefields

stonefields dual wallpaper
Download Source

Blue Forest

blue forest dual wallpaper
Download Source

Free 38+ Grunge Trend Design Wallpapers

Presently, grunge designs are making its mark in the design community. With its unique style and concept, more designers are slowly adopting the grunge trend. From brushes to textures and wallpapers alike, this type of design is making its breakthrough in the world of creativity and artistry. Various websites are currently offering grunge resources and freebies. Admittedly, with its impact in the web world, demands are high and clamor for such a design is high.
Most of you may now have an amazing collection of wallpapers in your desktop through the various freebies that were showcased in different sites… Some may have less, and are still looking for wallpapers that will fit their taste and personality. Well then, if you are part of those who are in need of new wallpapers, we are proud to present this 40+ Astounding Collection of Free Grunge Wallpapers . This collection has been hand fully picked and selected throughout the web. Feel free to download your choices… Take your pick and have fun!!!

Retro Grunge

Retro Grunge

30+ Free Download Animel Wallpapers Personalizing your Desktop

Wallpapers are one of the best things you can use to customize our desktop well. In one way or the other, it somehow influences our mood as we look at it, it may inspire you to do better or just help you relax for a while. In any ways, these wallpapers can help in personalizing your desktop background.
In this post we will be showcasing 40 Free Adorable Animal Wallpapers. In this collection we have gathered yet another set of wallpapers featuring some of the charming animals from domestic to exotic ones. These are all for free to download for your personal use. Why don’t you take a peek and choose your pick.

40 Free Adorable Animal Wallpapers

Orange Clownfish Wallpaper

orange clownfish wallpaper

40+ Inspire Cool Sunset Wallpapers for Free

Astonishing sunset inspires music and poems, and at the same time creates great feeling to people watching the setting of the sun. Unsurprisingly, beautiful sunsets also inspire cool wallpaper for desktops. In this next post, we have compiled several wallpapers themed around colorful and breathtaking sunset setting.
This 44 Free Beautiful Sunset Wallpapers will surely amaze and astonish several wallpapers fanatic out there. Take a look at our collection and feel free to download the wallpaper of your choice. Browse through the entire post and be mesmerized!!!

Sunset Wallpapers

Moorea Sunset

moorea sunset wallpaper

Bulleye iPhone Wallpaper with Retro Color Combinations

Today’s iPhone wallpaper was a practice exercise in lights, textures and brushes in photoshop. I was also trying out retro color combinations and liked this palette quite a bit. With some retro typography I think, it would look great. I am digging the mosaic backdrop to the bullseye.
Daily iPhone Wallpaper #6 Retro Bullseye
Daily iPhone Wallpaper #6 Retro Bullseye

Fun Got Color iPhone Wallpaper

Today’s daily iPhone wallpaper is fun. I spent a while on it trying to practice some new tricks in photoshop. Working with masks and the polygon tool, I managed to splash some color in a glass of milk. I would like to get this technique more finessed though in the future. For now, enjoy my handiwork!
Daily iPhone Wallpaper #7 Got Color?
Daily iPhone Wallpaper #7 Got Color?

Purple Cow iPhone Wallpaper

This purple cow was a designer’s dream. A punch-me-down toy, alas this bovine beauty is no more after developing a pinhole tear and having the air whooshed out of her. But not before I epitomized her pretty purple wiles in a set of fun photographs. Say "Moo" to the Purple Cow!
Daily iPhone Wallpaper #2 Purple Cow

iPhone Wallpapers of The Weeks

The saying goes "When work strikes, iPhone wallpapers suffer!". Well, not really. I just made that up. But it has been more than 3 week that I offered any new iPhone wallpapers and thought it was about time I churned out a few new ones. So I have for you today a disco ball, some pantone love and part of my cute Yokibinks character series. Enjoy!

Pantone Love iPhone Wallpaper #80
Pantone Love iPhone Wallpaper #80

Simple iPad Typography Wallpapers

For a while now, I have been working on my "Typeholics Anonymous" Typography related digital artwork series. I have been experimenting with colors, shapes, angles and placements to enhance the overall typography of a piece. The key feature of this series is the absolute minimalism in color and design element. The type is punctuated by a simple red heart and a scroll. The fonts used are some of my personal favorites. And although I don’t own an iPad yet, here are 30 beautifully minimal iPad wallpapers that I have designed as part of the series that I would like to share with you today. Each wallpaper is 1024×1024px in resolution and in JPEG format. The zip file at the bottom of the post contains all 30 wallpapers. They are free to use and share. So enjoy them responsibly.

 iPad Wallpapers By LBOI iPad Wallpapers By LBOI

I love Typography wallpapers! Who doesn’t? Creatives especially have a thing for typography that is unlike anything you’ll see in designing.  As children we are taught letters, the very letters that become such objects of affection when we grow up, that it is sometimes quite amazing to see them affecting adults like that. Letters are powerful, they are beautiful and typography is not just an art, but a religion. For all you type fanatics out there, I give you a fantastic collection of breathtaking typography wallpapers. You will be spoilt for choice!

Typography Wallpaper

More Fantastic Typography Wallpapers

I love Typography wallpapers! Who doesn’t? Creatives especially have a thing for typography that is unlike anything you’ll see in designing.  As children we are taught letters, the very letters that become such objects of affection when we grow up, that it is sometimes quite amazing to see them affecting adults like that. Letters are powerful, they are beautiful and typography is not just an art, but a religion. For all you type fanatics out there, I give you a fantastic collection of breathtaking typography wallpapers. You will be spoilt for choice!

Creative and Sweet Typography Wallpapers

A quick roundup of some more creative and amazing typography wallpapers I have found while browsing the web. There are some tongue-in-cheek ones in there that will make your day. And pray tell me, why does everyone like to take pot shots at Helvetica? I think Helvetica is pretty cool and probably has the most number of wallpapers dedicated to it. The compositional typography wallpapers are pretty sweet and I can only imagine the time and effort that must have gone into making each, like "Balance" and "Requiem". Which one did you like the most?

Air Typography Wallpaper